Fall Series 2005 - Background

The films shown for the 2005 Fall Series focused on issues of colonialism/post-colonialism in parts of the former French empire: Indochina, N. Africa and W. Africa. Links to some background information on the topic and regions are presented below.

French Imperialism

Overview of France's colonial empires


Entry on Indochina from the Columbia Encyclopedia

Background on the French Indochina War

Maps of French Indochina:  Map1, Map2

List of fiction and non-fiction films that focus on the Indochina War

North Africa

French colonialism>/a> in Africa

General information on Algeria (land, people, history) from Discover France website

Entry on French colonization of Algeria from ArabNet

De Gaulle and Algeria

West Africa

The French in West Africa

General background on Cameroon

General background on Mali

General background on Burkina Faso

General background on Senegal