Director:   Roger Michell
Year:   1995
Language:   English
Time:   107 minutes

A faithful rendering of Jane Austen's last novel onto film, Persuasion presents the story of Anne Elliot, daughter of a baronet with cash flow problems and the only sensible member of a very silly family. Persuaded to reject the hand of a valiant, but poor, young naval officer, she has entered into a quiet and emotionally barren eight-year spinsterhood. The end of the Napoleonic Wars brings back the rejected naval officer, now a wealthy and heroic captain. Will love overcome the obstacles of time and social prejudice?

The film was produced with an ensemble cast of British and Irish actors more noted for their stage work than for films. None has achieved American fame, though Ciarán Hinds (Captain Wentworth) had a major role in Steven Spielberg's recent film, Munich. Director Roger Michell's best known outing is Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

Post-film discussion led by Dr. Phil Bufithis.

Rated PG.


A brief summary and analyis of the novel can be found here