My Left Foot

Director:   Jim Sheridan
Year:   1989
Language:   English
Time:   103 minutes

The film is based on the true story of Christy Brown, a near quadriplegic born to a large, poor Irish family. His mother recognizes his intelligence and humanity while most others ignore or ridicule him. Eventually, Christy matures into a grouchy novelist who writes with his only functional limb, his left foot.

Daniel Day-Lewis received an Oscar for best actor and Brenda Fricker as best supporting actress.

Rated R for language and violence.

Post-film discussion led by Douglas Scott Hessler.


About the director.

Daniel Day-Lewis, son of the late British Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis, has led an interesting life, including a break from acting to learn the cobbler's craft. About Daniel Day-Lewis.

Other background on the film.

Discussion leader Douglas Scott Hessler's website.