Monsoon Wedding

Director:   Mira Nair
Year:   2001
Language:   English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu
Time:   114 minutes

We are in Delhi at the turn of the 21st Century. The vibrancy of India's economic growth is in the air. But old ways still pertain. A bride and groom must accept an arranged marriage even if the bride is a media executive and the groom is a successful professional who has been living in Texas for several years.

Mira Nair weaves the complex relationships of multi-generational families into the story of the planning and presentation of a large, boisterous, hectic wedding celebration. There are old grievances and hidden secrets, but there is also love of life.

There is a wedding planner who can't resist eating the marigolds in his elaborate floral arrangements and the monsoons are coming.

Rated R for language.

Post-film discussion led by Dr. Rachel Ritterbusch.


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