Director:   Robert Salyer
Year:   2005
Language:   English
Time:   40 minutes

This documentary film chronicles the sludge spill on October 11, 2000 in Martin County, Kentucky when a coal sludge impoundment broke through an underground mine, propelling 306 million gallons of coal slurry down two tributaries of the Tug Fork River. The film documents the disaster, the resulting federal investigation, and the looming threat of coal sludge ponds throughout the coalfield region.

This was not an isolated incident. More recently, a December 2008 release of coal ash at a Tennessee Valley Authority power plant in Kingston Tennessee has created a similar environmental disaster.

Not Rated.

This film is presented in conjunction with Shepherd University's Appalachian Heritage Writer in Residence program. The post-film discussion led by Shepherd University Professor of Environmental Studies Dr. Edward Snyder.


About the director Robert Salyer

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