Brief Encounter

Director:   David Lean
Year:   1945
Language:   English
Time:   86 minutes

Laura Jesson, a suburban housewife, has a chance encounter with Alex Harvey, a young doctor, in the waiting room of an English train station. Against her better judgment she falls quickly in love. We meet the lovers at the climax of their affair and the film retells the development of the relationship through Laura's voice and memory. David Lean directed this film from a one-act play, "Still Life," by Noel Coward. This was the last of several film collaborations between Lean and Coward. Coward's play is set only in the station waiting room. Lean's film takes us out of the waiting room, onto the trains and into the lives of Laura and Alec.

This film won the 1946 Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or and received Academy Award nominations for best actress (Celia Johnson), best director and best writing.

Not Rated.

Post-film discussion led by Lex Miller.


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