In Country

Director:   Norman Jewison
Year:   1989
Language:   English
Time:   120 minutes

The after effects of the Vietnam War are presented through the lives of a veteran suffering from PTSD (Bruce Willis) and his niece (Emily Lloyd) whose father died in Vietnam. The niece wants to know more about her father but gets little help from her remarried mother. Niece and uncle draw closer together and each helps the other find peace with the past.

Bruce Willis received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.

Rated R.

This is a special presentation in conjunction with Shepherd University's Appalachian Heritage Writer in Residence Program. This year's Appalachian Writer in Residence is Bobbie Ann Mason and the film is based on one of her novels. Post-film discussion led by Dr. David Hostetter, Director of Programs and Research at the Byrd Center for Legislative Studies at Shepherd University.


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