Director:   Ben Knight and Travis Rummel
Co-producer:   Matt Stoecker
Year:   2014
Language:   English
Time:   94 minutes

River dams are great engineering achievements. They also may be great ecological mistakes. Damming rivers alters their natural flow and the life cycles of the aquatic species. Dams change the relationship between predator and prey species. Old dams are choked by silt. Where obsolete dams come down, rivers bound back to life, giving salmon and other fish the ability to return to spawning grounds. We are rethinking the value of dams and DamNation's majestic cinematography moves through rivers and landscapes to explore the evolution in our thinking. DamNation was made with support from Patagonia and was the Audience Choice Award Winner at the 2014 American Conservation Film Festival (ACFF).

Not rated.

This is a special presentation in conjunction with the ACFF. Post-film discussion led by Jeff Feldman, President of the ACFF Board.


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