All About My Mother

Director:   Pedro Almodovar
Year:   1999
Language:   Spanish
Time:   102 minutes

This film, full of Almodovar’s gender-bending irreverence, brings together a group of unforgettable characters. Distraught over the death of her teenage son, Manuela drives to Barcelona to find the boy’s father, an itinerant transsexual named Lola. While combing the city's less reputable districts, she also meets up with Agrado, a sassy transvestite prostitute, and Rosa, a pregnant nun on her way to El Salvador. She also becomes the manager for Huma, the actress her son idolized. A series of heartrending crises creates lasting bonds among these strong ladies. This film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2000.

Rated R for sexuality, including strong sexual dialogue, language, and some drug content.


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