The Closet

Director:   Francis Veber
Year:   2001
Language:   French
Time:   85 minutes

Francois Pignon leads an uncomplicated, complacent and quiet existence. Due to his severe case of "boring," his wife leaves him and his seventeen-year-old son abandons him. Pignon has little left to sustain himself except his accounting job at a condom factory. Unfortunately, since his employers have also grown tired of him, Pignon stands to lose his job as well. Desperate times call for desperate measures… So together with his neighbor, a retired corporate psychologist, Pignon devises an outrageous scheme to solve his problem: he will come out of a closet he never went into, and start a rumor that will have his entire corporation thinking he’s gay. A hilarious film that will have you in stitches!

Rated R for one scene of heterosexual sexuality.


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