The Memory of Tomorrow

Creator:   Tiffany Rhynard
Performer:   Erika Randall
Videographer:   Julie Anna Facelli
Music:   Ethel
Costume Design:   Graham McMonagle
Year:   2004
Time:   10 minutes

This visually arresting film, made by dance artist Tiffany Rhynard, is a 'momento mori.' A beautiful young woman dressed in Victorian garb appears in a cemetery with an umbrella full of blooming flowers. Amidst gravestones and later on a green field, she reflects back and thinks forward, giving us the opportunity to ponder our own joy in life and our own mortality.

Tiffany Rhynard Biography:

Tiffany Rhynard made the transition to dance from visual art during her undergraduate tenure at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she received her BA in dance. Her choreography has been presented throughout North Carolina in addition to venues in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, and in NYC at Danspace in the Academy Dances Draftwork series. Her video works have been presented in several film/video festivals including the Dance for the Camera Film and Video Festival in Salt Lake City and Dancing for the Camera at the American Dance Festival. Rhynard recently completed her M.F.A. degree at the Ohio State University concentrating on choreography and digital media. She is currently teaching at SUNY Potsdam in upstate New York.)

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