The Wild Bunch

Director:   Sam Peckinpah
Year:   1995 re-release of 1969 film
Language:   English
Time:   145 minutes

An aging band of outlaws (who are also portrayed for the most part by old cowboy-movie icons such as William Holden and Ernest Borgnine) try for one last, big score while bounty hunters (led by Robert Ryan) dog their trail. All this takes place on the eve of World War I, as the old West the outlaws knew has already pretty much faded away.

Peckinpah's masterpiece. A sweeping epic that critic Roger Ebert has called "one of the great defining moments of modern movies." Controversy over the film's heavy violence made it too hot to handle at the 1970 Academy Awards but Lucien Ballard's stunning cinematography deservedly won the National Society of Film Critics award that year.

Rated R.  Persistent, graphic violence.


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