Director:   Sydney Pollack
Year:   1982
Language:   English
Time:   116 minutes

The late Sydney Pollack directed 21 films and acted in over 30. He put these talents to work in this comedy which is ranked 69th in the American Film Institute's latest AFI 100.

Dustin Hoffman as Michael and Tootsie plays an actor with more method than is good for him. Unable to find work as the unmanageable Michael, he becomes a soap opera heroine as Tootsie with an increasingly complicated professional and personal life. He (she) could have been a host on "The View." The supporting cast includes Pollack, Jessica Lange, Bill Murray and Dabney Coleman.

This film won a best supporting actress Oscar for Jessica Lange plus 9 other nominations.

Rated PG.

Post-film discussion led by Jean Anne Pugh.


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