And God Created Woman

Director:   Roger Vadim
Year:   1956
Language:   French
Time:   95 minutes

Director Vadim's then-wife Brigitte Bardot plays an irresistible charmer with a voracious sexual appetite. Itís not what she does but what she might do that drives the three principal male characters (Curd Jurgens, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Christian Marquand) into an erotic frenzy. The film is historically significant for its willingness to directly embrace an exploration of sex as well as its willingness to show a degree of nudity that was remarkably daring for its day.

Vadim went on to marry Jane Fonda, among others, and regrettably remake this film in 1988 with Rebecca De Mornay. Bardot left filmmaking in 1973, becoming an outspoken advocate of animal rights.

Rated PG.

Post-film discussion led by Elliot Kirschbaum.


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