Serial Mom

Director:   John Waters
Year:   1994
Language:   English
Time:   95 minutes

While Barry Levinson left Baltimore for Hollywood and made good, John Waters stayed home and made bad with a series of outlandish films about the aches and joys of being different. Over his career he has prodded our staid, suburban norms and mores with edgy verve and humor. But this outsider has come in from the cold to be accepted, praised, and now hung as an urban icon in the National Portrait Gallery.

In the satirical comedy "Serial Mom" Kathleen Turner plays what appears to be a typical suburban wife and mother. Her tendency to overreact to slights and misunderstanding escalates into a crime spree that cuts a swath of destruction through her family and community. You’ll laugh or turn away in horror or both.

Rated R for strong language and violence.

Post-film discussion led by Mary Stanley and Winnie Bernat.


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